When the going gets tough – GOD!

As a Pastor I often come into contact with people with great challenges in their lives, for in life stuff happens doesn’t it? Tough times come and we know that things are not how we’d like or planned them to be. What follows is a personal story. It is also a story of God’s people and how He deals with them. So before you continue, I would ask you to read Malachi 1:1-5. 

Several years ago I sat in Pacific Coffee, a café in a large Hong Kong Shopping Centre, waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I felt the sting of tears on my face. I felt helpless. Around me were, my wife Ruth and four other local ladies. As the tears flowed, I heard the voice of one of the ladies saying quietly, over and over,

“It’s OK you’re going to be alright.”

I knew there was something wrong, something that I couldn’t make right, and oh, how I like to be able to fix things, somehow make things right. I may not have completely believed her right at that moment, but she knew that what I needed were those words of comfort and affirmation. Looking back I’m so  grateful to God for her because, at that moment, my confidence had begun to waver.


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