Making Margins for God

There’s a need to have some ‘margins’ in our life; times that will help us not to have the pages of our life filled to overflowing. This is a message I need to learn and a message from me to you that: “Life without a margin will always keep us living on the edge.” As we consider this matter of ‘margins’, I want us to think about first ‘making margins for God’. In the middle of a busy day or week, that is important. We set out into our day, our week with a determination to ‘make margins for God’ and then somehow become overwhelmed by the things that ‘need’ to be done.

My weeks have sometimes been a bit like that as I got caught up in what someone has called ‘the tyranny of the urgent’. In the end I find myself exhausted when I could have been refreshed and anxious when I could have sought His peace. The result was that little was achieved and the tasks remained undone. What was really ‘urgent’, do you see, was to deliberately ‘make a margin’ so that I could be in the company of my God.


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