Renovations – Week 1

The renovations have started and are ramping up. We have had builders, electricians, audio engineers, labourers and brick layers all onsite.
The first port of call was the removal of the classic church pews. By no means was this a quick task with all 35 pews being removed by hand for storage. Following the pews, the carpet was also pulled and removed. The carpenter and bricklayers where also kept busy with the removal of 4 stage windows, which where then bricked in. This will facilitate the better viewing of the projected screens once completed.
The electrician was kept busy with the removal of 40 plus pendant lights and ceiling fans, all done while woking over 4 metres above the ground. There was various other miscellaneous electrical work done in preparation for further changes.
The Church Lounge, where our Chinese congregation meet has also undergone a long awaited change. They now have access to a permanently and professional installed AV setup. The orientation of the room was flipped 90 degrees to better meet the requirements of the congregation, this now gives them more usable space.
While all this work is being undertaken, we have moved our weekly services into our hall.
We look forward to providing further updates as the weeks go by…

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