Renovations – Week 2

Wow, how time flies! This week there have been demo, structural work, lots of AV going on and more trips to the tip.
In preparation for all new audio visual equipment going in, thanks to A1Audio. Our Carpenter, Pete from Hunter Valley Construction removed all the old remaining audio equipment, including 35kg ceiling mounted speaker. Also new cabling has been run, this time all run in conduit. Previously rats have sabotaged our wiring causing issues on the sound desk. Some new equipment has been installed so the sound desk can learn the new Behringer X32 mixer, which can be controlled from a smart phone or tablet.
From there the Carpenter removed the old stairs and organ stage from the front of the church auditorium. Some remediation work was required as the building is old and out of level. Part of the stage was ripped out and new joists laid and stage strengthened with new stairs being built as well.
There was also some remediation work completed in the ceiling, with new walking planks being installed making the job of AV and electrical installation safer and easier.
 As always, we are continuing to have our services in our hall as work continues.

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