Resisting the Temptation

“I was this close! I almost made it! With another birthday coming up, I read these words and thought how tempting it would be, looking back, to have a negative view of my own ‘almosts’. You know the kind of thing I mean? “I ‘almost’ did this or that BUT…” It’s a bit like saying “I ‘almost’ climbed Everest,” or, “I ‘almost’ did that Bungee Jump, BUT…”

I was ‘almost’ tempted to take the negative route, but I didn’t because I believe there is a positive side to the ‘almosts’ in our life. For example, in 1968, I ‘almost’ didn’t come to Australia as a nineteen year-old, when I saw my mother and my ten year-old sister crying on the station platform. When I saw the sad looks on the faces of my friends; I ‘almost’ didn’t go. There was a moment, as I stood on the platform at the Railway Station, as the train for London pulled in when I ‘almost’ forgot about the whole thing, BUT I didn’t. If I hadn’t boarded that train; if I had given in to the temptation; how different my life might have been.
Around eighteen months later on April 27th 1969, sitting in the Central Methodist Mission in Newcastle, Australia, I ‘almost’ didn’t go forward when Rev. Gene Jeffries asked if there was anyone who wanted to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord. I was tempted to say ‘NO Way”, just as I had done several times before, BUT I didn’t. If I had given into the temptation and sat in my seat and walked out of that place without Jesus; how different my life might have been.
Think, with another Easter just a few weeks away, what if Jesus had given in to the temptation to walk away from the cross? What if He had said in the Garden of Gethsemane:

“No way Father, you are asking too much of me to give up my life? This cross and the sin of the world are too much to bear and I won’t go there.” BUT He didn’t! [Read Mark 14:35 in your Bible].

If Jesus had given in to the temptation to ‘almost’ go to the cross for you and I; think how different our life might have been. So let’s be grateful that Jesus didn’t ‘almost’ die for us and God didn’t ‘almost’ raise Him from the dead. ‘Jesus DID die! He IS risen from the dead! We ARE saved! “Thanks be to God — through our Lord Jesus Christ!” [Read 1Corinthians 15:1-4 in your Bible].



We just have this one brief moment in time. Let’s resist the temptation to ‘almost’ give it all for the God who gave His all for us.


Pastor Frank.

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