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As I thought about what our focus for 2017 and beyond ought to be [I like that better than ‘theme’, but then again that’s just me], I was reminded of an incident that happened some years ago while we were living in Hong Kong.

It was getting toward Christmas and on our day off Ruth and I spent part of it buying Christmas gifts at Stanley Market for family and friends back in Australia. As we came out from the train station, there was a bus just about to leave for Stanley and so we hurried to catch it. When we boarded there were only a few seats left, so we couldn’t sit together. As I settled in my seat I noticed that the lady next to me was busy looking around as we drove along and was obviously interested in all she could see. I guessed correctly that she wasn’t a HK resident but someone on her first visit. As we talked, I found that she was from Sydney and was here with her husband who was attending a Conference.


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