Rebuilding like the mighty Newcastle Knights

Love the Newcastle Knights!!

Izzo has been through some tough times in recent years and like the Newcastle Knights we are in a “rebuilding phase”. Although we are far from perfect we would love to have you join us on the journey.

Izzo wants to provide a place where you can belong and be yourself no matter who you are. Young, old, student, accountant, loved the Newcastle 500, hated the Newcastle 500 … got it altogether, struggling to get it all together. Together we can explore what life is all about and how to make the most of it. Perhaps together we can add value to each other’s lives.

Maybe at some point you will be interested in following Jesus like many of us do … but even if you don’t ever follow Jesus we can still be friends.


Izzo is people like you

Mums, dads, kids, old people, young people, married people, single people, single parents, pharmacists, teachers, mechanics, nurses, managing directors, boilermakers, restaurant managers, truck drivers, retirees, farmers, vegetarians, computer nerds, pig shooters, quilters, marathon runners, scrap bookers… Izzo is a church filled with people just like you and we’d love to have you join us.


Izzo is people like you following Jesus. What does following Jesus look like? Jesus said it looks like Love for God and Loving our neighbour. As simple as this sounds we are still working on getting this right but we are improving. The Izzo community welcomes people from all over Newcastle, from Islington to Fletcher to Belmont.