Frank Cuthbertson

After a career in the Travel Industry, Frank returned to his native Scotland in 1992 to undertake a theological degree at Glasgow Bible College. He graduated in 1995 and pastored Baptist churches in Helensburgh (NSW) and Clearwater Bay (Hong Kong). He returned to Australia in 2006 and was called by Islington to take up his present role in Pastoral Care.

Frank has been married to Ruth for 40years and they have two grown up children, David and Fiona and four grandchildren, Toby, Elke, Niamh and Jordan-Rose.

Frank is committed to serving the needs of people at Islington in the ministry which is Pastoral Care across the diversity of those who make up the congregation; including our Sudanese families. Frank is also regularly involved in the Preaching of God’s word.

Frank’s interests include reading, railways (steam and model), following the fortunes, and misfortunes, of Glasgow Rangers, Arsenal and the Scottish Football and Rugby teams and of course enjoying watching the antics of his four grandchildren as they grow