Welcome to Islington Baptist Church

Welcome is more than just a word, it’s how you’ll find us as you walk through the door at Islington Baptist Church. We’ve been part of the Islington community for almost 130 years. Much has changed in that time and, like Islington itself, so has the mix of those who can be found in the church any Sunday. There will be people from Sudan, Ghana, South Africa, sitting alongside those from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UK and Germany, and of course, Aussies born and bred. We aren’t a perfect mix, so there’s always a place for you to become part of our Church Family. We look forward to welcoming you and your family with more than just a word.

Making Margins for God

There’s a need to have some ‘margins’ in our life; times that will help us not to have the pages of our life filled to overflowing. This is a message I need to learn and a message from me to you that: “Life without a margin will always keep us living on the edge.” As we consider this matter of ‘margins’, I want us to think about first ‘making margins for God’. In the middle of a busy day or week, that is important. We set out into our day, our week with a determination to ‘make margins for God’ and then somehow become overwhelmed by the things that ‘need’ to be done.

My weeks have sometimes been a bit like that as I got caught up in what someone has called ‘the tyranny of the urgent’. In the end I find myself exhausted when I could have been refreshed and anxious when I could have sought His peace. The result was that little was achieved and the tasks remained undone. What was really ‘urgent’, do you see, was to deliberately ‘make a margin’ so that I could be in the company of my God.


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