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Welcome is more than just a word, it’s how you’ll find us as you walk through the door at Islington Baptist Church. We’ve been part of the Islington community for almost 130 years. Much has changed in that time and, like Islington itself, so has the mix of those who can be found in the church any Sunday. There will be people from Sudan, Ghana, South Africa, sitting alongside those from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UK and Germany, and of course, Aussies born and bred. We aren’t a perfect mix, so there’s always a place for you to become part of our Church Family. We look forward to welcoming you and your family with more than just a word.

Fully Unloaded

We were on the move again and the packers had come to take most of our belongings on the first leg of their journey from Hong Kong back to Australia. I noticed this slogan on their stationery:
“Relax. We carry the load.” As Christians we sometimes have trouble with ‘loads’, because they can be a kind of ‘badge of honour’ that we wear proudly on our spiritual sleeve. It could be our busyness or our suffering, or our suffering in our busyness! But, writes Howard Marshall in his IVF Commentary on 1Peter: “The Christian life is a curious blend of trust in God and resolute action based upon it”. In other words, ‘for trust to really be trust, we have to apply it.’
Peter, in 1Peter 5: 5b-7, gives us some good guidelines about
‘loads’. He begins with a quote in v. 5 from Proverbs 3:34; “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” So there Peter sets the tone of ‘humility’, or submission when it comes to dealing with ‘loads’. What Peter offers us here in vv. 6-7, are two things. First we see the promise of God’s help through ‘grace’ and then God’s command to ‘resist’. I guess it is best put as: ‘trusting in God’s power to give us the grace to resist’. That way I believe makes God both the ‘source and the means to resist’. In other words, ‘Relax for HE carries the load.’


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