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Welcome is more than just a word, it’s how you’ll find us as you walk through the door at Islington Baptist Church. We’ve been part of the Islington community for 130 years (Praise God, that milestone was achieved in August 2016]. Much has changed in that time and, like Islington itself, so has the mix of those who can be found in the church any Sunday. There will be people from Sudan, Ghana, South Africa, sitting alongside those from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UK and Germany, and of course, Aussies born and bred. We aren’t a perfect mix, so there’s always a place for you to become part of our Church Family. We look forward to welcoming you and your family with more than just a word.

Sharing our Faith

As I thought about what our focus for 2017 and beyond ought to be [I like that better than ‘theme’, but then again that’s just me], I was reminded of an incident that happened some years ago while we were living in Hong Kong.

It was getting toward Christmas and on our day off Ruth and I spent part of it buying Christmas gifts at Stanley Market for family and friends back in Australia. As we came out from the train station, there was a bus just about to leave for Stanley and so we hurried to catch it. When we boarded there were only a few seats left, so we couldn’t sit together. As I settled in my seat I noticed that the lady next to me was busy looking around as we drove along and was obviously interested in all she could see. I guessed correctly that she wasn’t a HK resident but someone on her first visit. As we talked, I found that she was from Sydney and was here with her husband who was attending a Conference.


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