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Welcome is more than just a word, it’s how you’ll find us as you walk through the door at Islington Baptist Church. We’ve been part of the Islington community for almost 130 years. Much has changed in that time and, like Islington itself, so has the mix of those who can be found in the church any Sunday. There will be people from Sudan, Ghana, South Africa, sitting alongside those from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UK and Germany, and of course, Aussies born and bred. We aren’t a perfect mix, so there’s always a place for you to become part of our Church Family. We look forward to welcoming you and your family with more than just a word.

Measuring Success

Have you ever received a

‘SYAHBU’ [Sai-abu]

letter? It sounds vaguely Chinese, or perhaps Japanese like ‘sayonara’ doesn’t it? But you won’t find it in any Dictionary because I just made it up and what it means is this:
Sorry, Your Application Has Been Unsuccessful.”
It’s kind of disappointing to receive a‘SYAHBU’ letter isn’t it? It speaks of dashed hopes and broken dreams. It speaks of a lot of effort to present your case for no result. It speaks of rejection and results in a loss of motivation.

I wonder what our response is when we come to pray earnestly for something, or follow up a possible opportunity for serving God and we don’t get the answer we want. Are we disappointed? Are our hopes dashed and our dreams broken? Do we feel rejected by God and lose our motivation to serve Him? I confess that that has been my response sometimes. “Look Lord I’ve put a lot of effort into praying for this and now you come up with no result! Here I am putting my life on the line and now you have rejected my offer!”

Friends, God doesn’t send out ‘SYAHBU’ letters. Your application hasn’t been ‘unsuccessful’. In fact your application has been more ‘successful’ than you could ever imagine. Why? Because ‘God’s will is being accomplished in your life’ [Read Acts 16:6-10]
If we are truly committed to pursuing God’s will for our life, then let’s remember that there are no dashed hopes and no broken dreams, just God’s ‘good, pleasing and perfect will’ . There we don’t find rejection by God, just an answer to our request that ‘His will be done’. There should be no loss of motivation to serve, because He asks us: ‘in view of His mercy to present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your spiritual [or ‘reasonable’] act of worship’ [Romans 12]
So let’s each of us decide to

‘SOGFA’ at IBC or wherever God has led you. You won’t find ‘SOGFA’

in any Dictionary either, because I just made it up and what it means is this:


Serve Our God Faithfully Always.”


Serving God can sometimes be a struggle but we should never put up a struggle to serve. [Think about it!]

Serving Him together,

Pastor Frank.

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